Profession tram controller

Tram controllers assign and manage tram vehicles and drivers for the transport of passengers, including records of distances covered and of repairs made.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Realistic


  • Types of trams

    Know different types of trams and their technical operating requirements. There are various forms of tram, such as cable-hauled, hybrid funicular electric, electric (trolley cars), gas trams, and trams powered by other means.

  • Tram network

    Know the tram system in order to determine how to maintain tram services while causing minimal disruption to customers in the event of incidents.

  • Mechanical composition of trams

    Understand the mechanical composition of trams; have the ability to identify and report any damage or malfunction to central operations.

  • Tramway regulations

    Know the regulations governing tramways and apply these regulations in the daily operations of tram transportation. Ensure that standards are met in relation to safeguarding the well-being of passengers and the tramway company.

  • Health and safety measures in transportation

    The body of rules, procedures and regulations related to health and safety measures intended to prevent accidents or incidents in transportation.


  • Handle stressful situations

    Deal with and manage highly stressful situations in the workplace by following adequate procedures, communicating in a quiet and effective manner, and remaining level-headed when taking decisions.

  • Ensure tram system power supply

    Ensure that the power supply to the overhead electric wires is maintained; report faults or malfunctions.

  • Match vehicles with routes

    Match types of vehicles to transport routes, taking into consideration service frequency, peak transport times, service area covered, and road conditions.

  • Deal with changing operational demand

    Deal with changing operational demands; respond with effective solutions.

  • Operate tram system monitoring equipment

    Monitor tram services, ensuring that trams are running safely and at the scheduled frequency.

  • Coordinate with tram maintenance department

    Cooperate with tram maintenance department to ensure that tram operations and inspections take place as scheduled.

  • Ensure public safety and security

    Implement the relevant procedures, strategies and use the proper equipment to promote local or national security activities for the protection of data, people, institutions, and property.

  • Follow work procedures

    Adhere to procedures at work in a structured and systematic manner.

  • Communicate with customer service department

    Communicate with customer service in a transparent and collaborative manner; monitor how service is operating; relay real-time information to customers.

  • Analyse ways to reduce travel time

    Analyse prospective improvements in journey efficiency through reduction of travel time by modifying itineraries and outlining alternatives.

  • Ensure steady circulation of trams

    Ensure that a sufficient number of trams and lines are operational, and schedules are executed as planned.

  • Maintain concentration for long periods

    Stay concentrated over a long period of time in order to make correct judgements and appropriate decisions.

  • Use communication equipment

    Set up, test and operate different types of communication equipment such as transmission equipment, digital network equipment, or telecommunications equipment.

  • Stay alert

    Stay focused and alert at all times; react quickly in the case of unexpected events. Concentrate and do not get distracted performing a task over a long period of time.

  • Communicate verbal instructions

    Communicate transparent instructions. Ensure that messages are understood and followed correctly.

  • Ensure health, safety and security measures

    Take responsibility for health, safety and security measures in the workplace including posture the body well, safely operate tools and machinery, and wear the right clothes and protection for the climate. Apply health and safety standards. Adhere strictly to the site safety rules and systems and equipment operational procedures.

  • Operate tram controls

    Operate tram controls and power switches with different operating systems. Manipulate forward and reverse motion by smooth application of power and braking.

Common job titles

  • Assistant director: finance & business operations
  • Staff accountant
  • Transportation finance coordinator
  • York county grant administrator