Profession Truck driver long distances

Truck driver long distances

International truck drivers drive heavy goods vehicles to transport goods and materials (e.g. flammable substances, fluids, raw materials, building materials, manufactured good, livestock and refrigerated products) from one country to another.

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Tasks truck driver long distances

  • Prepare the delivery of the cargo, e.g. by planning the most appropriate route and calculating driving and resting hours.
  • Check the technical status of the lorry to ensure it is in good working order, e.g. by checking brakes, oil and tyres.
  • Perform minor maintenance and repairs to the lorry, e.g. change tyres and repair minor electrical faults.
  • Manoeuvre lorries into loading or unloading positions following signals from loading crew.
  • Load and unload cargo if required (e.g. by using a forklift) and secure it for transport (e.g. by using ropes, blocks and chains).
  • Check the load (e.g. condition, quantity).
  • Make sure all load-related national and international documentation is complete and accurate.
  • Drive the truck and its load with care to the destination and handle any hazardous road conditions.
  • Maintain logs, for example of working hours and truck servicing, following relevant national and international regulations, e.g. using a tachograph.
  • Report delays and problems, such as lorry faults and damage, accidents and traffic violations, to the base.
  • Obtain receipts or signatures when loads are delivered, and collect payment for services when required.

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