Profession tumbling machine operator

Tumbling machine operators set up and operate tumbling machines, often wet or drie tumbling barrels, designed to remove excess material and burrs of heavy metal workpieces and precious metals and to improve surface appearance, by rotating the metal pieces in a barrel together with grit and potentially water, allowing for the friction between the pieces mutually and with the grit to cause a rounding, smooth effect.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Tumbling machine parts

    Various parts of a tumbling machine, such as a deburr tub, tumbling barrel, tumbling compound and steel media ceramic polishing pins, their qualities and applications. 


  • Spot metal imperfections

    Observe and identify various kinds of imperfections in metal workpieces or finished products. Recognise the best fitted manner of fixing the problem, which could be caused by corrosion, rust, fractures, leaks, and other signs of wear.

  • Smooth burred surfaces

    Inspect and smooth burred surfaces of steel and metal parts.

  • Tend tumbling machine

    Tend a machine designed to smoothen metal or stone surfaces by having the different pieces rub against each other inside a tumbling barrel, monitor and operate it according to regulations.

Optional knowledge and skills

manufacturing of metal assembly products keep records of work progress types of metal manufacturing processes inspect quality of products ferrous metal processing record production data for quality control perform machine maintenance processes performed by tumbling measure flatness of a surface metal smoothing technologies precious metal processing manufacturing of cutlery characteristics of precious metals wet tumbling provide advice to technicians dry tumbling