Profession tunnel kiln operator

Tunnel kiln operators control preheating chambers and tunnel kilns to preheat and bake clay products, such as bricks, sewer popes, mosaic, ceramic or quarry tiles. They observe gauges and instruments and adjust by turning valves if necessary. They pull loaded kiln cars in and out of the heaters and move them to a sorting area.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Optimise production processes parameters

    Optimise and maintain the parameters of the production process such as flow, temperature or pressure.

  • Tend tunnel kiln

    Tend the tunnel kiln and the preheating chamber in order to perform the preheating and baking of clay products such as bricks, ceramics or sewer pipes.

  • Preheat kiln car

    Preheat the already loaded kiln car by transferring it from drier into the preheating chamber by using a car puller.

  • Observe products' behaviour

    Observe the color of fires and pyrometric cones under certain processing conditions such as high temperature.

  • Monitor environmental parameters

    Check the impact of manufacturing machinery on the environment, analysing temperature levels, water quality and air pollution.

  • Transfer kiln-baked products

    Transfer the baked products from the tunnel kiln into the sorting area by using a transfer car.

Optional knowledge and skills

pallets loading tend drawing kiln tend drying tunnels use measurement instruments operate drying blowers write batch record documentation types of tile polish clay products adjust measuring machines