Profession tyre builder

Tyre builders build pneumatic tyres from rubber components. They operate machines and handtools.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Mechanics

    Theoretical and practical applications of the science studying the action of displacements and forces on physical bodies to the development of machinery and mechanical devices.


  • Set-up drum for rubber

    Set-up the drum for rubber pressing by turning the wheel so that the required circumference and sizes are met.

  • Operate drum device

    Operate the drums performing the pedal depression to allow drums rotation and winding the plies around the drums in order to build pneumatic tires.

  • Inspect worn tyres

    Inspect worn tyres in order to determine if they can be retreaded, evaluating the degree of damages such as cracks, cuts or other faults.

  • Put adhesive on plies

    Put adhesive on plies by operating the cement stick on drum edge.

  • Segregate raw materials

    Segregate into batches the raw materials to be further processed.

  • Form continuous bands

    Form continuous bands by cutting the plies at the right splice points and by pressing their ends together.

  • Monitor machine operations

    Observing machine operations and evaluating product quality thereby ensuring conformity to standards.

  • Paint tyres

    Paint the completed and cleaned tyres in order to obtain the finished product.

  • Operate rollers

    Operate the rollers to bond the plies and tread. Set-up the ply stitcher rollers, ensuring they are according to the specified width of stock.

  • Operate bead setter

    Operate bead setter by activating them in order to press into plies the prefabricated beads.

  • Clean tyres

    Clean the completed tyres in order to prepare them for painting.

  • Manage camelbacks

    Manage camelbacks by selecting the appropriate measures, rolling them by hand and cutting them using knives.

  • Brush solvent

    Brush solvent ensuring adhesion of each ply and strength of tires.

Optional knowledge and skills

prepare tyres for vulcanization direct distribution operations manufacturing processes assemble goods mathematics chemistry sort waste business management principles check quality of raw materials physics