Profession tyre vulcaniser

Tyre vulcanisers repair tears and holes in castings and treads of tyres by using handtools or machines.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Types of tyres

    Different types of rubber coverings and inflated tubes used for specific vehicles and weather conditions such as winter and summer tyres, performance tyres, truck or tractor tyres.


  • Balance tyres

    Measure the static and dynamic balance of tyres using sensors, bubble balancers and spin balancers, and adjust by fitting weights on the wheel to correct any unbalance and avoid vibrations, noise and ocillations.

  • Rebuff tyre

    Use abrasive tools to grind the old tyre and to remove the worn tread, brush or spray a rubber solution to join the new and the old material, and fix the new tread or piece of tread.

  • Clean tyres

    Clean the completed tyres in order to prepare them for painting.

  • Inspect worn tyres

    Inspect worn tyres in order to determine if they can be retreaded, evaluating the degree of damages such as cracks, cuts or other faults.

  • Coat inside of tyres

    Coat the broken tyres on the inside by using rubber cement.

  • Adjust vulcanizing machine

    Adjust the heating of the vulcanizing machine according to the specified temperature, ensuring the placing of the tire in the tire mould is safe.

  • Clamp tyre into mould

    Clamp the tyre already placed in the mould, making sure the tyre remains clamped until the end of the vulcanization process.

  • Apply rubber patches

    Apply the already shaped rubber patches onto the broken part of the tire by using a handroller and the correct rubber cement.

  • Adjust bag inside tyres

    Adjust the pressure of the air bag inside the tyres.

  • Prepare tyres for vulcanization

    Prepare tyres for vulcanization by building semi-raw rubber treads onto the already buffed tyre casings.

Optional knowledge and skills

operate warehouse materials hot vulcanisation ensure efficient utilisation of warehouse space cold vulcanisation sell tyres maintain warehouse database mechanics sort waste store goods inspect repaired tyres write records for repairs monitor stock level replace tyres