Profession University researcher

University researcher

University researchers develop tasks related with the teaching process, and the academic activities related with theoretical and applied research, as well as the diffussion of results

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Personality Type

Tasks university researcher

  • Plan and prepare university courses (graduate, undergraduate) in collaboration with other staff.
  • Prepare and deliver lectures for university courses (graduate, undergraduate).
  • Evaluate and grade graduate and undergraduate students' work and research.
  • Read, review and discuss journal articles, books and papers.
  • Participate in professional conferences, e.g. by delivering lectures, presentations, chairing sessions, etc.
  • Initiate scientific research projects and gather funds.
  • Conduct scientific research in field of specialization, individually or by participating in a research group.
  • Direct research projects of graduate students.
  • Publish research findings in scholarly journals or books.
  • Actively contribute to policy development of e.g. the department or research group.
  • Provide consultative services to external institutions or organizations, e.g. government or industry.

Related professions research

  • Demographer
  • Market researcher
  • Mathematician
  • Researcher agriculture, nature, animals, environment sciences
  • Researcher computer sciences and mathematics
  • Researcher economics, business and management sciences
  • Researcher engineering, transport and logistic sciences
  • Researcher health sciences
  • Researcher humanities
  • Researcher journalism, media and communication
  • Researcher law and public administration
  • Researcher leisure, hospitality and gastronomy
  • Researcher natural and life sciences
  • Researcher psychology, pedagogic subjects
  • Researcher social work
  • Researcher, all other subjects
  • Statistical technician
  • Statistician

Source: Sisyphus ODB