Profession varnish maker

Varnish makers operate equipment and mixers for varnish production, by melting, mixing and cooking the required chemical ingredients, according to specifications.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Work safely with chemicals

    Take the necessary precautions for storing, using and disposing chemical products.

  • Measure chemical substance viscosity

    Measure the viscosity of the mixed ingredients by using a viscosimeter.

  • Remove sediment from varnish

    Remove the sediments by pumping the varnish through the filter press.

  • Prepare chemical samples

    Prepare the specific samples such as gas, liquid or solid samples in order for them to be ready for analysis, labeling and storing samples according to specifications.

  • Adjust burner controls

    Adjust the heat in the burner regulating the thermostat according to the prescribed temperature following each product specification.

  • Weigh varnish ingredients

    Weigh ingredients, such as gums, so that they are according to specifications.

  • Transfer varnish

    Transfer to the reducing tank the varnish and the thinner using pumps.

  • Operate varnish production equipment

    Operate the equipment that melts, cooks and mixes ingredients used in varnish production. The ingredients that are to be mixed are usually gums, naphtha and oils.

  • Adjust the varnish mixture

    Adjust the mixed elements in order to create the proper varnish by adding oil when the gum becomes liquid.

Optional knowledge and skills

ensure compliance with environmental legislation quality and cycle time optimisation synthetic resins manage delivery of raw materials optimise production processes parameters add colour monitor stock level report defective manufacturing materials dispose of hazardous waste report test findings record production data for quality control perform product testing perform machine maintenance work ergonomically perform laboratory tests communicate with external laboratories record test data write batch record documentation clean mixer program a cnc controller