Profession vehicle cleaner

Vehicle cleaners clean and polish surfaces of external parts and interiors of vehicles.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Types of vehicles

    Field of information which distinguishes rental agency classification systems, containing types and classes of vehicles and their functioning and components.

  • Car controls

    The functioning of specific car equipment such as how to operate and handle the clutch, throttle, lighting, instrumentation, transmission and the brakes.

  • Car cleaning procedures

    The procedure and appropriate equipment necessary for proper wash and polish of different types of cars.


  • Handle chemical cleaning agents

    Ensure proper handling, storage and disposal of cleaning chemicals in accordance with regulations.

  • Maintain work area cleanliness

    Keep the working area and equipment clean and orderly.

  • Clean vehicle exterior

    Wash, clean, polish and wax vehicle's exterior glass and chrome parts.

  • Treat vehicle fabrics

    Recondition fabrics for vehicles, add preservation agents and apply revitalisers on various surfaces in vinyl or leather.

  • Clean equipment

    Perform cleaning routines after equipment use.

  • Ensure vehicle preparation for pick-up

    Ensure that vehicle is fully operational and ready to use; prepare vehicle for customer pick-up.

  • Clean vehicle engine

    Remove grease and dirt from the engine and other mechanical vehicle parts.

  • Manage stocked company material

    Maintain company material and stocked product inventory by keeping track of stock profiles and locations.

  • Wash vehicles

    Wash and dry vehicle and ensure that paint is kept intact by waxing and polishing vehicle using the appropriate tools.

  • Follow given instructions

    Follow instructions to achieve goals and meet deadlines.

  • Clean vehicle interiors

    Remove dirt, rubbish or impurities of the interior of vehicles, including consoles and dashboards; vacuum car seats and carpets; clean hinges and door trims.

  • Follow control of substances hazardous to health procedures

    Adhere to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) procedures for activities that involve hazardous substances, such as bacteria, allergens, waste oil, paint or brake fluids that result in illness or injury.

Optional knowledge and skills

fix minor vehicle scratches health, safety and hygiene legislation drive vehicles teamwork principles communicate with customers report accounts of the professional activity perform cleaning activities in an environmentally friendly way cooperate with colleagues ensure customer focus