Profession vineyard worker

Vineyard workers carry out manual activities related to cultivation, propagation of grape varieties and the production and/or packaging of wines.

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Personality Type


  • Perform hand pruning

    Efficiently perform hand pruning by using specific pruning tools like shears, lopping shears, saw, a small pocket scale to weigh the pruned material, and twine.

  • Participate in vine maintenance

    Participate in the maintenance of vines, trellising, pruning, weeding and watering.

  • Manage canopy

    Manage the parts of the vine visible above ground to improve grape yields, quality, and vigour. Prevent grape diseases, uneven grape ripening, sunburn, and frost damage.

  • Plant vine yards

    Perform planting preparation activities, plant vines and install trellis.

  • Harvest grapes

    Harvest wine grapes.

  • Tend vines

    Plant, thin, weed, sucker and tie vines.

  • Execute fertilisation

    Carry out fertilisation tasks by hand or using appropriate equipment according to fertilisation instructions taking into account the environmental, health and safety regulations and procedures.

  • Perform trellis repairs

    Perform repairs on trellis in order to support grapes. If a grape vine should fall from the trellis and not break, it can be secured to the trellis with twine.

Optional knowledge and skills

agronomy sanitise winery area grow plants execute disease and pest control activities assist with plant propagation propagate plants operate wine pumps assist bottling present the farm facilities maintain tanks for viticulture provide agri-touristic services organic farming tend press operation fertilisation principles

Source: Sisyphus ODB