Profession warehouse order picker

Warehouse order pickers prepare orders manually. They pick up orders and bring them to the delivery platform for processing, or in the trade sector to allow customers to pick them up. They are expected to complete orders for shipment, keeping in mind the quantity and type of goods specified and meeting quality criteria established by the company. They also assemble various types of merchandise for shipment and transport orders to shipping locations as specified by a supervisor. They typically stack bundled articles on pallet by hand, are responsible for wrapping articles on the pallet to secure them while moving, and for ensuring the integrity of the pallet.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Realistic
  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Types of packaging used in industrial shipments

    Know various types of packaging materials used for industrial shipments, according to the type of goods to be shipped. Comply with regulations on packaging of goods.

  • Safety regulations for warehouses

    The body of warehouse safety procedures and regulations to prevent incidents and hazards. Follow safety regulations and inspect equipment.


  • Use warehouse marking tools

    Label containers and container tags or products; use warehouse marking and labelling tools.

  • Store warehouse goods with precision

    Transport goods in the warehouse and place them in the appropriate and designated locations with precision in order maximise used of space. Operate forklifts or other instruments in this activity.

  • Process customer orders

    Handle orders placed by customers. Receive the customer order and define a list of requirements, a working process, and a time frame. Execute the work as planned.

  • Check shipments

    Staff members must be vigilant and well-organised to ensure that inbound and outbound shipments are accurate and undamaged.This description does not really describe the competence (or task) suggested by the PT.

  • Lift heavy weights

    Lift heavy weights and apply ergonomic lifting techniques to avoid damaging the body.

  • Manage warehouse inventory

    Manage warehouse inventory and control storage and movement of warehouse goods. Monitor transactions such as shipping, receiving and putaway.

  • Operate chainsaw

    Operate mechanical chainsaw powered by electricity, compressed air or gasoline.

  • Comply with checklists

    Follow checklists and ensure compliance with all the items included in them.

  • Use packaging equipment

    Use fastening and packaging tools such as plastic strapping, applicators and adhesives, marking and labelling equipment, and tape.

  • Operate material handling equipment

    Perform general physical activities in warehouse such as loading, unloading and sorting goods; operate handling equipment.

  • Follow written instructions

    Follow written directions in order to perform a task or carry out a step-by-step procedure.

  • Secure goods according to work orders

    Fasten bands around stacks or articles, prior to shipment or storage.

  • Maintain stock control systems

    Keep stock control systems up to date and ensure inventory accuracy.

  • Operate warehouse record systems

    Operate systems for recording product, packaging, and order information in specific formats and types of record.

  • Weigh shipments

    Weigh shipments and calculate the maximum weights and dimensions, per package or per item, for each consignment.

  • Maintain physical condition of warehouse

    Develop and Implement new warehouse layouts in order to maintain facilities in good working order; issue work orders for repair and replacement operations.

  • Pick orders for dispatching

    Pick orders in warehouses destined for dispatching, ensuring that correct numbers and types of goods are loaded and dispatched. Tag and mark product items as requested.

  • Ensure efficient utilisation of warehouse space

    Pursue an effective use of warehouse space ensuring maximum efficiency while meeting environmental and budgetary goals.

  • Maintain warehouse database

    Keep digital warehouse database up-to-date and multi-accessible.

  • Maintain material handling equipment

    Identify and report malfunctions and damage to material handling equipment; manage battery connections.

  • Process orders from online shop

    Process orders from web shop; direct sales, packaging and shipment.

  • Operate voice picking systems

    Operate voice pick systems applying various picking methods; work using verbal instructions and prompts via headphones and a microphone.

Optional knowledge and skills

warehousing regulations deliver outstanding service identify damaged goods before shipment goods transported from warehouse facilities warehouse operations assemble goods