Profession water plant technician

Water plant technicians maintain and repair water treatment and supply equipment in a water plant. They ensure the provision of clean water by measuring the water quality, ensuring it is filtered and treated correctly, and maintaining distribution systems.

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Personality Type

  • Enterprising / Realistic
  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Water pressure

    Physical laws, qualities and applications of liquid or water pressure.

  • Water policies

    Have a solid understanding of policies, strategies, institutions, and regulations concerning water.


  • Maintain water storage equipment

    Perform routine maintenance tasks, identify faults, and perform repairs on equipment which is used to store wastewater and water prior to treatment or distribution.

  • Maintain water treatment equipment

    Perform repairs and routine maintenance tasks on equipment used in the purification and treatment processes of water and waste water.

  • Ensure compliance with environmental legislation

    Monitor activities and perform tasks ensuring compliance with standards involving environmental protection and sustainability, and amend activities in the case of changes in environmental legislation. Ensure that the processes are compliant with environment regulations and best practices.

  • Operate hydraulic machinery controls

    Use correctly the controls of specialized machinery by turning valves, handwheels, or rheostats to move and control flow of fuels, water, and dry or liquid binders to machines.

  • Monitor water quality

    Measure water quality: temperature, oxygen, salinity, pH, N2, NO2,NH4, CO2, turbidity, chlorophyll. Monitor microbiological water quality.

  • Operate pumping systems

    Operate pumps and piping systems, including control systems. Perform routine pumping operations. Operate the bilge, ballast and cargo pumping systems. Be familiar with oily-water separators (or-similar equipment).

  • Maintain water distribution equipment

    Perform routine maintenance tasks, identify flaws, and perform repairs on the equipment used in the supply and distribution of clean water.

  • Maintain specified water characteristics

    Turn valves and place baffles in troughs to adjust the volume, depth, discharge, and temperature of water as specified.

  • Measure water quality parameters

    Measure water quality parameters: temperature, oxygen, salinity, pH, N2, NO2,NH4, CO2, turbidity, chlorophyll. Monitor microbiological water quality.

Optional knowledge and skills

perform water testing procedures perform water treatment procedures use personal protection equipment install plumbing systems ensure equipment availability water reuse document analysis results collect samples for analysis carry out waste water treatment operate water purifying equipment maintain records of maintenance interventions maintain desalination control system ensure proper water storage water chemistry analysis ensure equipment maintenance use water disinfection equipment follow water supply schedule install hydraulic systems perform water treatments test samples for pollutants manage desalination control system perform laboratory tests