Profession weaving machine operator

Weaving machine operators set up, operate and monitor weaving machines .They work with specialised machinery, techniques and materials to process threads of yarn into weaved products such as clothing, home-tex or technical end products. They maintain and repair weaving machinery and ensure operations run without problems.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Textile products, textile semi-finished products and raw materials

    The offered textile products, textile semi-finished products and raw materials, their functionalities, properties and legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Health and safety in the textile industry

    The requirements, rules and applications of health and safety measures in the textile industry.

  • Types of textile fibres

    The variety of textile fibres both natural such as wool and hemp and man-made or synthetic fibers.


  • Control textile process

    Planning and monitoring textile production to achieve control on behalf of quality, productivity and delivery time.

  • Manufacture textile floor coverings

    Produce textile floor coverings by tending machines, sewing parts, and applying finishing touches to products such as carpets, rugs, and made up textile floor covering articles.

  • Work in textile manufacturing teams

    Work harmoniously with colleagues in teams in the textile and clothing manufacturing industries.

  • Manufacture woven fabrics

    Perform the operation, monitoring and maintenance of machines and processes to manufacture woven fabrics.

  • Tend weaving machines

    Operate weaving machines keeping efficiency and productivity at high levels.

  • Maintain work standards

    Maintaining standards of work in order to improve and acquire new skills and work methods.

  • Use weaving machine technologies

    Operate machines that enable weaving processes turning threads into fabrics. Setup weaving machine programmes for the machine to produce fabrics with the adequate pattern, colour and fabric density.

  • Evaluate textile characteristics

    Evaluate textiles and their properties in order to manufacture products in conformity with specifications.

Optional knowledge and skills

produce textile designs check quality of products in textile production line textile industry electrical machines properties of fabrics arrange equipment repairs produce textile samples textile industry machinery products textile technologies maintain technical equipment textile techniques textile materials maintain machinery sort textile items textile measurement