Profession well-digger

Well-diggers operate drilling machinery and equipment to create and maintain wells for use in extracting ore and other liquids and gases. They record operations, maintain equipment, seal unused wells and prevent ground contamination.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Enterprising
  • Realistic / Investigative


  • Well testing operations

    Testing procedures, such as volumetric flow testing and pressure testing, which describe the ability of the well to produce oil.


  • Suggest well maintenance

    Ensure appropriate well maintenance is provided after discovering issues or risks on the drilling rig or drilling site.

  • Write work-related reports

    Compose work-related reports that support effective relationship management and a high standard of documentation and record keeping. Write and present results and conclusions in a clear and intelligible way so they are comprehensible to a non-expert audience.

  • Select well equipment

    Select and purchase the appropriate equipment for different functions within the well.

  • Work ergonomically

    Apply ergonomy principles in the organisation of the workplace while manually handling equipment and materials.

  • Liaise with managers

    Liaise with managers of other departments ensuring effective service and communication, i.e. sales, planning, purchasing, trading, distribution and technical.

  • Repair wells

    Perform maintenance and repair to wells with cracks and defects. Seal wells that are no longer in use.

  • Dig wells

    Operate drilling machinery and tools to sink wells in the specified locations.

  • Report well results

    Document and share well results in a transparent way; communicate results to business partners, auditors, collaborating teams and internal management.

  • Keep task records

    Organise and classify records of prepared reports and correspondence related to the performed work and progress records of tasks.

Optional knowledge and skills

guide cranes operate pumping equipment manage well interaction clean up spilled oil inspect pipelines supervise worker safety operate core drilling equipment maintain mechanical equipment mechanics coordinate oil well operations supervise well operations plan oil wells use rigging equipment health and safety hazards underground follow safety procedures when working at heights clear drill sites