Profession window cleaner

Window washers wash and polish windows and other glass fittings.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional

Related professions cleaning

  • Aircraft cleaner
  • Building exterior cleaner
  • Building exterior sandblaster
  • Carpet or furniture cleaner
  • Chimney sweep
  • Cleaner cruise ships, ferries
  • Cleaner in hotels
  • Cleaner laboratory equipment
  • Cleaner of boilers, tanks
  • Cleaner train, tram, metro, bus
  • Cleaning worker, all other
  • Domestic cleaner
  • First line supervisor of cleaning workers
  • Garbage collector
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  • Janitor
  • Sewer pipe cleaner
  • Sweeper, street cleaner


  • Risk assessment for window cleaning

    Risk assessment process that takes into consideration all the risk factors, monitoring of control measures and recording assessments related to working in the window cleaning field.

  • Cleaning industry health and safety measures

    Preventive and interventional methods used in the cleaning industry to maintain health and safety for all workers and tertiary persons.

  • Personal protective equipment

    Types of protective materials and equipment foreseen for various types of tasks such as general or specialised cleaning activities.


  • Report on window damage

    Inform the client or responsible authorities about damage occurred during or prior to the window cleaning activities.

  • Prepare cleaning materials for window cleaning

    Ensure the appropriate preparation of the cleaning products and equipment such as ladders, cradles and rope access equipment required to clean windows at heights.

  • Handle chemical cleaning agents

    Ensure proper handling, storage and disposal of cleaning chemicals in accordance with regulations.

  • Maintain personal hygiene standards when cleaning

    Make sure to keep yourself clean and tidy and wear protective equipment when performing cleaning activities, as required by the health and safety procedures of the task or the organisation.

  • Use a water-fed pole system

    Make use of poles fitted with brushes and water dispersing mechanisms to reach windows and facades at heights.

  • Follow control of substances hazardous to health procedures

    Adhere to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) procedures for activities that involve hazardous substances, such as bacteria, allergens, waste oil, paint or brake fluids that result in illness or injury.

  • Clean glass surfaces

    Use cleaning products to clean any surface covered by glass, especially windows.

  • Dispose of non-hazardous waste

    Dispose of waste materials which pose no risk to health and safety in a manner which complies with recycling and waste management procedures.

  • Maintain cleaning equipment

    Clean and preserve the equipment and material used for cleaning purposes in a proper state.

  • Follow reporting procedures

    Apply and follow the procedures for reporting any damage, breakages and/or complaints or disagreements to the appropriate supervisory authority.

  • Complete report sheets of activity

    Keep written records of the service provided on a regular or punctual basis, with explicit hours of work performed and signature.

  • Protect window frames

    Apply a protection sheet on the frames or borders of the windows in order to protect them against scratches or dirt.

  • Maintain inventory of cleaning supplies

    Follow the stock of cleaning materials, order new material when the stock is empty and closely follow their usage to maintain a constant supply.

  • Follow organisational guidelines in the cleaning industry

    Apply and follow all protocols or guidelines described by the company within your specific cleaning area. It can also involve wearing the foreseen uniform or piece of clothing at all times or using specific equipment or materials.

Optional knowledge and skills

follow safety procedures when working at heights apply proofing membranes operate aerial work platforms maintain professional administration perform cleaning activities in an outdoor environment customer service carry out pressure washing activities manage a small-to-medium business perform glazing reconditioning manage routine waste clean building facade issue sales invoices select hazard control perform cleaning activities in an environmentally friendly way clean street furniture read technical datasheet supervise the work of cleaning staff clean particular areas manually

Common job titles

  • Office cleaner, cloquet, mn
  • Cleaner/housekeeping
  • Part time window cleaner-non high rise
  • Window cleaner
  • Window cleaner - dfw