Profession wire weaving machine operator

Wire weaving machine operators set up and tend wire weaving machines, designed to produce woven metal wire cloth out of the alloys or ductile metal that can be drawn into wire.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Investigative


  • Types of weave for wire mesh

    Various types of weave patterns used in the manufacturing of wire mesh, such as plain weave, Dutch weave, twilled weave, five heddle weave.

  • Types of wire mesh

    Various types of mesh used in the wire weaving process, such as crimped wire mesh, welded wire mesh, expanded wire mesh, perforated wire mesh.


  • Tend wire weaving machine

    Tend a machine designed for weaving cold metal wire into mesh, monitor and operate it, according to regulations.

  • Supply machine with appropriate tools

    Supply the machine with the necessary tools and items for a particular production purpose.

Optional knowledge and skills

ferrous metal processing keep records of work progress apply preliminary treatment to workpieces manufacturing of small metal parts consult technical resources dies metal forming technologies tend wire drawing machine provide advice to technicians operate lifting equipment quality and cycle time optimisation ensure correct metal temperature wear appropriate protective gear monitor conveyor belt record production data for quality control maintain mechanical equipment types of metal manufacturing processes metal drawing processes manufacturing of light metal packaging perform product testing inspect quality of products