Profession wood fuel pelletiser

Wood fuel pelletisers operate a hammer mill to turn wood waste products into pellets for use as fuel. The milled product is afterward pressed through a die, producing the standardised shape and size of a pellet.

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Personality Type


  • Wood moisture content

    The amount of water contained in wood materials. The effect of wood moisture on the size and physical characteristics of the wood. Suitable moisture contents for different uses.

  • Pellet standards

    The standards for creating pellets in Europe, which regulate such characteristics as density, water content, and contents of the pellets.

  • Quality standards

    The national and international requirements, specifications and guidelines to ensure that products, services and processes are of good quality and fit for purpose.


  • Wear appropriate protective gear

    Wear relevant and necessary protective gear, such as protective goggles or other eye protection, hard hats, safety gloves.

  • Perform test run

    Perform tests putting a system, machine, tool or other equipment through a series of actions under actual operating conditions in order to assess its reliability and suitability to realise its tasks, and adjust settings accordingly.

  • Work safely with machines

    Check and safely operate machines and equipment required for your work according to manuals and instructions.

  • Monitor automated machines

    Continuously check up on the automated machine's set-up and execution or make regular control rounds. If necessary, record and interpret data on the operating conditions of installations and equipment in order to identify abnormalities.

  • Troubleshoot

    Identify operating problems, decide what to do about it and report accordingly.

  • Supply machine

    Ensure the machine is fed the necessary and adequate materials and control the placement or automatic feed and retrieval of work pieces in the machines or machine tools on the production line.

  • Set up the controller of a machine

    Set up and give commands to a machine by dispatching the appropriate data and input into the (computer) controller corresponding with the desired processed product.

  • Operate pellet press

    Set up and monitor the machine which consists of a large drum with perforated rollers with pellet-size holes through which the pellet mix is extruded before being sliced to obtain the desired length.

Optional knowledge and skills

maintain hammer mill prepare production reports repair hammer mill weigh materials inspect quality of products perform sample testing identify hazards in the workplace provide advice to technicians feed hoppers record test data dry wood keep records of work progress prepare samples for testing use non-destructive testing equipment check quality of raw materials record production data for quality control inspect machinery perform machine maintenance operate heavy construction machinery without supervision conduct routine machinery checks measure furnace temperature consult technical resources operate hammer mill tend packaging machines

Source: Sisyphus ODB