Profession Wood processing plant operator

Wood processing plant operator

Wood processing plant operators set up, operate or tend woodworking machines, such as drill presses, lathes, shapers, routers, sanders, planers and wood nailing machines.

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Personality Type

Tasks wood processing plant operator

  • Study work orders to determine requirements.
  • Determine product specifications, materials, work methods and machine setup.
  • Adjust machine tables or cutting devices and set controls on machines to produce specified cuts or operations.
  • Start machines.
  • Feed stock, e.g. through feed mechanisms or conveyors.
  • Monitor operation of machines and make adjustments.
  • Detect rot, splits and other defects in wood and finished products.
  • Check quality, packaging and stacking of products.
  • Adjust, clean, repair and replace machine parts.
  • Record production details and report machine or production faults.

Related professions wood

  • Handicraft worker in wood or related materials
  • Log grader
  • Sawing machine setter or operator
  • Wood model maker
  • Wood or related products assembler
  • Wood products machine operator
  • Wooden toy maker
  • Woodworking-machine setter-operator

Source: Sisyphus ODB