Mentioning or citing 123test

We really appreciate you citing, referencing or mentioning us. How to do this correctly? Here are some examples.

Digital publications

The easiest way to refer to us in a digital publication is by placing a link to our homepage or to a specific page or test. The homepage link can just point to with the visible (clickable) text 123test. Here's how this would look in the text:

If you want to refer your readers to a specific test or page on our website, just copy the URL of that page (e.g., As a visible and clickable text for that link, you can simply use the headline from that page and adding 'at 123test' (e.g., Personality test at 123test). Here's how this would look in the text:

Books or paper magazines

To mention or cite us in paper publications, using the APA (American Psychological Association) format works best. A citation for a link to our homepage would be:

A reference to a specific test would look like:

We’re always interested in seeing where we are cited/referred, so if it’s possible we’d enjoy seeing a (digital) copy. Thanks!