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Welcome to our lab! Here we bring you our innovations, pilots and beta-releases of new tests, tools and services we are working on. Be the first to give it a try, help us help you, and learn what is coming up. Always 100% free and without obligations.

The services and products introduced here are always ‘near completion’ or at least fully tested beta-releases. So you can be sure they work and are useful to you.

Culture fair adaptive IQ test

Currently we are working on an IQ test that offers the best of many worlds and resolves shortcomings and dilemma’s of many IQ tests out there. First, the technology is adaptive. This means the test is capable of adapting to your level making it more fun and bespoke. Secondly, because of the adaptive nature, the test will measure more reliably in a shorter time span. Thirdly, the test is meant to measures logical abstract reasoning only. We consider that to be at the heart of what defines ‘intelligence’ and because of the non-verbal format it does not bias given groups in manners other measures do. For example math for men and verbal questions for woman. So, the test brings you a better user experience and is fast, reliable and fair!

Want to give it a spin? Follow the link below to read the instruction.

Culture fair adaptive IQ test