Using your 123test ticket

You've received a ticket code for taking a professional test at You are now a few steps away from your professional extended test report. Follow the steps below to use your ticket. Your test will start directly and you'll receive your test report as soon as you've completed the test.

Your report in four steps

  1. Create a free account on
  2. Make sure you're logged in and open the 'Use ticket' tab
  3. Enter your ticket code, your test will start directly
  4. When finished you answer the background questions and continue, you are now in your extended and professional test report

Please note: your result is only accessible by you. If you've agreed to share it with the person that provided your ticket code, don't forget to do so. Copy the URL of your test result and share that.



Having difficulties or any questions on using your ticket? Please contact us. Enjoyed our test? Please share your experience through social media, you'll be helping us.