Using our tests for your company or research

You're very welcome to use our tests for career guidance for employees and/or personal development. You can also use them for research purposes if you make proper references to us. Tests however can only be used on our website, you are not allowed to use them in any other way. If you want to use single questions for demonstration purposes you can do that, but also with proper referencing of our tests and website.

Our tests are generally not recruitment tools and if you use them for such purposes you are solely responsable for that. Make sure you comply with local legislation. We are a business to consumer website. So one user account is one person, and any person taking a test gets the result of that test first and is the owner of it.They themselves can share their results with third parties subsequently of course.

All of our tests offer a test result free of charge, or offer a free short version of a test. Besides the free standard report, several of our tests also offer an extended report, for which we may charge a fee. Extended reports are available for our DISC personality test, Jung personality test, Culture fair intelligence test, Classical IQ test and Big Five personality test.

Buying tickets

If you want to have a group of people receive an extended report, you can use our ticket system. This makes it easy to pay upfront and online, after which you receive ticket codes. You then hand out the codes to whom, how and when you want to. The recipient can then take the test you've chosen for them, and will receive their extended report, which you've already paid for. You'll find more information on tickets on our tickets page. If you'd like more information on using our tests in your business, please consult our business page.